What we do

The Company produces garden and indoor plants to the highest possible standards, and sells them to Garden Centres throughout the length and breadth of the UK, as well as to a number of supermarkets and other retailers. The route to market for the Garden Centre business is through Farplants, the largest supplier of garden plants to Garden Centres in the UK. Farplants has a national sales force and supplies 600 Garden Centres from John O Groats to Lands End. Toddington is a member of the Farplants Group (having been a founder member since 1972), and a shareholder in Farplants Group Ltd. The Company works closely with the Farplants marketing and sales team to decide what plants to grow, and to constantly innovate and develop new product ideas. In the past the company has discovered ``sports``, that is plants that have mutated naturally to form a new variety. These are then protected by Plant Breeders Rights and potentially sold worldwide.

There is an increasing body of evidence that plants are good for your personal health. Being in touch with nature even in the middle of a big city is beneficial.