The environment

The Company participates in several schemes designed to be beneficial to the environment. The LEAF scheme is an environmental scheme that shows crops have been grown sustainably and with care for the environment. This involves the company being audited to ensure it operates to the highest possible standards with regard to growing, media management, pollution control, water management, energy efficiency and a host of other environmental measures. The scheme also audits the Company for Social Standards.

parasitic insects being introduced to a crop

There are other schemes that the Company participates in. The two OHAS schemes, one as a Grower, the other for the Packhouse management audits the Company to internationally recognized standards of business integrity, health and safety and sustainability.

The Company is also audited by the SEDEX schemes which allows companies to report on social, ethical and business practices.

The Company is a member of the National Farmers Union which exists principally to look after the interests of farmers and growers. The NFU offers a range of service from insurance to legal advice.

Finally, the company participates in the Waitrose Farm Assessment. This is designed to encourage the Company to gather data for continuous business improvement and innovation. Toddington staff are trained by Waitrose in conjunction with Lancaster University to carry out these audits.

The Company has a large reservoir which acts as a wetland reserve for a for a wide range of wildlife. The abundant reed growth provides an ideal environment particularly for a number of rarer bird species.

We have been working with our customers and suppliers on a series of wide ranging trials using peat free growing media. The Company has been reducing its use of peat over the past five years and has slowly refined the best growing media for a large number of species. Reducing the use of peat reduces carbon emissions.

Carbon Emmisons Reduction

The Company has also invested in a biomass boiler which runs on woodchip and therefore qualifies for the Government`s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. Moving from gas to locally sourced woodchip as a fuel substantially reduces the Company`s carbon emissions. The installation of this boiler involved an investment of £400,000.