What type of work do we do

Buying a plant for the garden or house is largely an impulse purchase so our aim is to produce a plant that cries out to be bought as it sits on a Garden Centre or supermarket shelf, and therefore quality is the key word. The work is varied, and starts either in the propagation area where we sow seed or stick cuttings into a peat block, or potting plants which have arrived from the breeder already part grown. Potting involves working with a team as plant pots come down a conveyer belt from the machine which is filling them with peat. The work is usually carried out in the greenhouse, although there are occasions when potting is done outside usually under a purpose built shelter.

The plants are then put down on the floor of the greenhouse or polytunnel. The plants are then given the best possible life, being fed, watered and protected from pests and diseases as far as possible. The Company makes extensive use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is beneficial to the environment. This is where we introduce an insect which attacks the pest we are trying to control. Once all the damaging insects are eaten the predator moves on. Using IPM substantially reduces the need for chemical control.

When they are ready for the market the plants are loaded onto Danish trolleys and sent to the Farplants Finishing Centre where they are despatched to the final customer. The work, particularly working within a team is rewarding, it can be reasonably physically demanding but much of the process is mechanized. Tasks are rotated so that a working day is usually a series of varied activities.